Day Three

Ahhh… my journey continues. My daily records thus far are not particularly profound. As a matter of fact they do not seem to convey much information…other than I am tired and hungry. What was day 3 like really? Before I describe day 3, just a caveat at this point about my daily records.

I intentionally kept these daily records short. Besides not wanting to talk too much or over exert myself, again as mentioned before I was also in a more reflective and meditative journey. Hence the brevity of my fasting records! Back to day 3 then….

Day 3 was waaaaay better than day 2 for sure! A bit more exciting. Definitely a great day. My skin looked and felt great. Really soft and supple. I introduced tamarind water in the morning and the evening. Drank distilled water throughout the day. It was also my Sabbath, so that was exciting as well. It was a meditative and prayerful day.

I do not think I felt hungry at all. Nope that is not true! The tamarind water was a definite boost to my overall mood and vitality. I felt less hungry for sure. Definitely more at ease, relaxing enjoying the company of my family and friends on Zoom. That’s it for day 3.

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