Day Four

It’s day 4 of my fast. So far so good. Day started off well. I was in good spirits for most of the day until I had to physically leave the house. For the most part, I have been at home. I did not leave the house at all for the first 3 days of my fast. And then, being a mom, of course, I needed to go get something. Ugh!!

It felt different for sure. As far as my actual fast goes, I started the day with lemon water. During the morning period, I drank lemon water and tamarind water. Then in the day I drank distilled water for the major part of the day. Then later on in the evening drank tamarind water again. Quite an exciting diet!!!

Physically I also experienced a reduction aches and pains. The pain that I had begun to feel in my neck was greatly reduced. This pain really began during COVID times when I worked extensively from home. Also I had experienced some pain in my right knee that seemed to be shifting to my left knee as well. I also noticed a reduction in these areas. Interesting!

I did not have any headaches. I was sleeping well. I was not hungry. Let me explain. My stomach was empty. However the desire to eat was not there, even though the smell of food cooking was around me, it definitely did not entice me. This was different.

My stomach though…I did feel like it was burning at times. Never really felt like that before. Not hungry, but a physical burning in my stomach.

I am excited for Day 5.

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