Day Five

Day five started off pretty slowly. My stomach and brain thinks that food is coming. Waiting and waiting. But alas no food… Eventually I feel energized and rise from my bed. Ah… a new day begins.My daughter brought me some lemon water. That was soooo sweet of her. I drink some more tamarind water in the morning. Distilled water in the day and tamarind water again in the evening.

Also today I actually broke out, my skin that is. I read that this happens. Also the pain that I was feeling in my neck prior to my fast has greatly reduced. This is great! No neck massages, no pain killers, just no food and water. Oh so weight loss which of course is a natural result of not eating any food. Over the first 3-4 days I did not witness any weight loss. By day five I believe there was some. Did not check though…have to wait until day six or even seven!

Also I am spending more time alone, talking to God. Telling Him the things and people that bring both joy and sorrow to my life. Praying for His guidance and divine intervention. I appreciate that He listens to ALL of my prayers even when they do not even make sense to me.

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