Hello, my name is Ayanna. Over twelve years ago, I became a single mom to a vibrant, healthy and active and sometimes cranky baby girl. My husband and I were separated at first. Then during that time, I lost my corporate job and was unemployed for over an entire year. My husband at the time refused to sign the divorce papers. After being separated for some four years, I relinquished all rights to any marital assets in exchange for sole custody of my daughter. It was one of the lowest periods in my life.

Since that time, lots have happened! So I will introduce myself again!

My name is Dr. Ayanna Eastman. I am a mother, a single woman and a divorcee who has since that time, completed a PhD program in Mass Communication and started a whole new life. I am an entrepreneur, broadcaster, professor, teacher, communication specialist, public relations professional, accountant and financial manager. I am also a daughter, a devoted sister and sister-in-law, an aunt, sports enthusiast (sometimes), an athlete (sometimes too), a confidante, friend, girlfriend, sister in Christ. Recently I became an avid blogger! And finally and most importantly, I am a woman of God.

I often wonder if these are the titles that I have given myself or the ones that people gave to me…..I guess I will write about that at some point too! This blog and my writing will consist of my many many life experiences, innumerable mistakes made and countless lessons that I have learnt along the way, that I believe, can improve the lives of women. Ultimately, my articles will be a reflection of the multifaceted aspects of being a woman and of simply being me! I also welcome guest content from other writers who want to share their own experiences to enhance the lives of women everywhere.

As women, we often see ourselves as failures in so many areas of our lives. I know that as a woman, I am often waiting and longing for affirmations from family members, significant others, bosses, co-workers and friends to feel validated, lovable and loved. But can I tell you something…..you are indeed worthy of love! I am worthy of love. God loves you with a matchless, all encompassing, never-ending, infinite, infallible love. I started this blog to inspire and uplift women everywhere. I am truly passionate about empowering and reminding all women, and especially mothers, of our inherent value. This blog will help you to see yourself not just as a struggling mom, but as a Successful Mom everyday!

“Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”

Nelson Mandela

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