Day Six

I woke up feeling much better today. It is after all six days of fasting thus far.

Physically, I lost about seven pounds, (it would later turn out to be water mainly). I also had a diarrhea the night before and early this morning. Feeling pain in my joints. Pain in my neck again. Burning in my stomach. Never experienced that sensation in the many fasts I have taken before. On the other hand, my longest water fast until now had been five days.

Prefer to lay down rather than move around the house. Not sure how much more I can take. If I am lying down I am okay. But once I am moving around definitely more lethargic. Normally I love to talk. Not able to talk as much. Definitely speaking more slowly, not my usual bubbling self! No surprise there really.

On a brighter note, there is a difference in skin texture. My skin tone overall is definitely smoother, clearer. Tamarind water does make a difference.

Spiritually, I have been talking to God more and praying more. Meditating more. Waiting on God more. This is as much a physical journey as it is a spiritual one. Without food, our human comfort, our spiritual source of comfort is the real center of our being. It has been suggested that if we can control our appetites we can control the ideas, thoughts, people and things that torment us each day and live a life of positiveness and expectancy. Let’s see… tomorrow’s another day.

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