Day Seven…It’s Over!

So this is the final day of my fast. I must admit I really wanted to go even further. My body had other feelings however. I started this fast for several reasons. If you have underlying health conditions and other health issues, please consult your physician or health expert for guidances on pursuing a fast.

Day 7 seemed like a typical fast day. Even before beginning my fasting, I usually “broke my fast” (that is had my breakfast) around 10:30 am or 11 am. This morning I decided to do so, with my usual lemon water. Eventually once this was digested about 30 minutes later, I proceeded to have some fruit. For the next 2 days my entire meals would consist of fruits, interspersed with lemon water and distilled water.

My stomach immediately felt the difference. Still it would take a couple weeks for my body to return to “normal”. I was glad that I began and completed this journey. It was indeed a restful one for my body and my mind while rejuvenating me spiritually. Each day was a reminder of the fragility of life and the need to take care of the bodies that we have been blessed with.

Thus my fast came to an end and I was ready to begin another new phase of my life. Now let’s see…

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