Day Two Of Fasting

So day two was really tough! I had a headache through part of the day. I felt as if someone presented the right food I would eat it! It was really really tough! Why am I doing this again??? I have also been keeping a video journal as well. Just to document my suffering! No, I am kidding of course.

Fasting for me always represents a spiritual journey. A journey to reconnect with myself, with God, with my emotions. I have been sitting outside a lot. It helps to keep myself focused on other things besides food and also provides me with the quiet time that I need for myself.

I did do some mental work on the computer. No physical work or exercise. I had been exercising up to 5 days a week prior to my fast and fully intended to do so again. But this fast was different. Day 2 was a definite reminder that every fast is different! I have done a water fast before for 5 days using water and coconut water. However this time I opted for distilled water only and lemon and water as well. I drank the lemon water at the beginning of the day and the end of the day. That’s it for day two!

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