Living The Fast Life… Why Fast?

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Over the years I have done numerous types of fasts, one day fasts, weekly fasts, 3 to 5 day fasts. Each time that I have fasted was different. I wish I could say it was exciting. It wasn’t! When I think about those times I remember the peace and the calm, the prayers and the hunger. I can safely say that the only way I made it was through prayer.

Your mind becomes more centered and attune to your surroundings. Arguing with your spouse, significant others and children take second place. If you are single, speaking with friends and family may not be as much of a priority, as your body begins to adjust to the state of not eating and waiting for food. Expecting food…but alas! There are some unexpected joys too. But you will have to wait to find out! So I wanted to fast for several reasons:

Reason # 1 To Take A Break From Food

Reason #2 To Improve My Overall Health

Reason #3 To Be Spiritually Revived

Reason #4 To Lose Weight

Reason # 5 To Improve My Overall Complexion

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It has been said, that if you can control your appetite you can control every other area in your life. I have found this to be true. I actually started to fast in my late teens when I converted to a vegetarian lifestyle and maintained that life style for the next 12 years of my life, into my thirties! But that is another story or series of stories that were indeed very exciting, including travelling and meeting other non-meat eaters worldwide.

That being said, let’s begin!

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