Our World

by 13 year old, Gabriella Kastick

Photo by Avonne Stalling on Pexels.com

The world we live in is considered “broken” by many but why?

Black boys and girls are scared to leave their homes because the pigment of their skin can get them killed.

Islamic people are judged and called “terrorist” every time they step out to buy something.

Broken because they tell children they will always love them.

Yet those same children are scared to express their feelings, afraid of being rejected and disowned by their families.

Shattered because children who have not even started their lives, yet are ready to end it so quickly.

Females are objectified by society and when sexual assault appears in a news report, they say, “she should’ve covered up more.”

And some boys are worried that if they shed a tear, they will be judged by the toxic masculinity they are surrounded by.

Where little girls are so constantly judged by their appearance, they eventually turn and start judging their own selves in the mirror,

And the ones who love themselves are quickly called “full of themselves” or people assume they have big egos.

Where misogynists only like women when we allow them to treat us like puppets.

People who cannot find love or are just absurd, begin to sexualize children in their own sick fantasies.

And many children lie about where they got those bruises from, cause they’re so used to it, they think it’s normal and begin protecting their abusers.

Where fake love is so widely shown that when real love appears in our lives, it is assumed that those people are “special.”

And where once you have a mental illness, people are suddenly “scared for their lives.”

These are just some examples of the many horrible things that happen and are normalized by civilization.

This is how I feel about our society and it is unfortunate, but I am sure many can relate.

This is what happens in the 21st century.

STILL and we cannot change that.

But we can change our ways and ourselves.

Photo by Alexas Fotos on Pexels.com

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